the curators behind the brand - and yes, we are mother-daughter! Founded in 2019, Windy Nest was built to be a place where we could connect on shared experiences, a love for ‘stuff’, and navigating life through faith, family, and friendships. 

We gather inspiration from: 

  • Home goods that bring us together and make even family dinners feel special
  • Gifts that are thoughtful. Especially the ones that help us celebrate generations and preserve memories.
  • Accessories that go with you as you move through life, doing all the things. From motherhood to special moments. 
  • Apparel that connects us. Things that provoke a comment or compliment, whether it’s about it’s uniqueness, quality, fit or style. There is so much meaningful connection out there if you are open to receive it.

We love: a good cup of coffee and looking at magazines at Barnes & Noble, an outfit that makes you look as good as you feel, the subtle details of a well executed event, and surprising each other with “a little prize.” 

We would love to see you in person at our storefront in historic Boonville. Thank you so much for being here!